Castle Story reaches $250,000 on Kickstarter

by Adam Rochford 29. July 2012 18:56

About a year ago I posted a video about a game in development called Castle Story.  The engine looked promising and the gameplay looked awesome.  To push a long the game into final development stages and for publishing.  The programmers behind Castle Story started a Kickstarter to fund the game to be published.  They asked the Kickstarter community for $80,000 and so far they have gotten $250,000 and they still have a whopping 27 days to go.  The fund currently has over 9,400 backers.

The Kickstarter will expire on August 27 in which the project will be fully funded and then some.  I highly recommend putting up some money towards it just to get some early access to the game.  They also have T-Shirts and posters and the ability to get your name in the credits.  It's nice to hard work for game with a lot of promise being rewarded.  These guys deserve it.

Follow to the link below to help fund them even more.  There is great video there with some new and interesting gameplay.

Kickstarter - Castle Story

Update 8/9/2012 - Castle Story has reached over $420,000 with 17 days to go!

Update 9/7/2012 - Castle Story Kickstarter campaign has finished with over $700,000.



Legends of Pegasus

by Adam Rochford 25. July 2012 16:23

German publisher Kalypso Media, publisher of Sins of a Solar Empires and Tropico 3 and 4, is publishing a new game about space faring civilizations.  This new game will be a blend of turn based and real time strategy labeled as a 4X strategy game.  The grand map will be turn-based and the battles will be real time.  Planets will not always be friendly to your species, so many will need to be terraformed.  After colonizing a planet, you will build buildings on the planet and specialize it to your strategic interests.

One of the most interesting parts of the game is the extremely customizable ships.  You will choose a chassis and then custom fit your ships with a considerably large amount of modules for specialization.  The video below shows a few seconds of what this is like.  The game reminds me a bit of Sword of the Stars, but Kalypso has a better reputation for releasing more polished games than Paradox.

The game will support multiplayer of up to 8 players and 40 hours of single player campaign mode.  Of course there will be a sandbox.  The game will include 3 races and numerous "guilds" which will be minor factions or corporations.  These guilds may have planets that are colonized and aligned with them. 

Novacore Studios which is developing the game is a new German developer.  Legends of Pegasus will be it's first game to be published.  The graphics which I don't generally put much emphasis on are just too beautiful to ignore.




The game is available for pre-order on Steam for $33.99 at a discount from $39.99.  The game will be released on August 10th and the pre-order price will no longer be available.



War of the Roses Beta Sign Up

by Adam Rochford 6. July 2012 14:35

Be the first to experience the Call of Duty of medieval warfare.  Sign up for the War of the Roses Beta.




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